New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH — Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, 2012

Independent Work Experience

Founder, Writer, & Lead Artist, 9mm Comics: 2009-Present

Wrote, illustrated, inked, colored, lettered, and self-published 6 one-shot and ongoing graphic novels in full color and black-and-white. Created draft images and panel outlines, then created final images to fit comic book industry standards for standard graphic novel sizing. Distributed and sold graphic novels through physical retail stores and online retailers, and through social media promotions.
Current titles are: A Day in the Life of a Duck Named Fluff, A Way to the StarsAftermathDon’t Know Jack

Other Published Titles

9mm Comics also aides others in self-publishing other titles. Layout, text, proofreading, some spot illustration, and final version of titles were produced.
Current titles are: Anthology of Lost MemoirsHarbingers of InnocenceFriends, Foes, & Lovers

Freelance Illustration & Design: 2007-Present

Designed mockups and built HTML and CSS websites for business clients including apparel companies and night clubs. Produced original marketing materials such as business cards and monthly promotion fliers, as well as posters.

Gallery Director, The Steez Gallery, Nashua, NH : 2010-2012

Curated events for local and international artists to display works through a non-traditional gallery setting. Designed marketing materials for monthly and bi-monthly events. Created, organized, and promoted exhibitions through social media and the web, as well as traditional print media. Negotiated consignment agreements with artists; utilized spreadsheet documents to ensure accurate pricing and gallery commission.

Additional Work Experience

SEO & Development Specialist, hasOptimization, Canterbury, NH: 2014-Present

Responsible for web development from start to finish for all elements of the life of a website: design, presentation of design and organization, implementation, installation, and launch. Responsible for management of both created and additional “inherited” websites, including up-time monitoring, developmental bug research and resolution, hosting and server setup, migrations, page optimization using best standard practices, and more. Also responsible for creating, researching, maintaining and updating current Google algorithm standards for search engine optimization in regards to on-page content, meta fields, schema, and other SERP ranking practices. Additional responsibilities include the creation of content, “ghost writing”, and reviewing/proofreading for keyword density, placement, and other best practices.

Duties include: web content drafting/ finalization, backend setup, web design, graphic design for marketing and advertising, blogging content and editing (ghost writing), social media promotion, social media/ email blast drafting and scheduling, report compiling, competitor, keyword/meta research and implementation.

Previously: Online Marketing Manager, 2014-2017

Advertising Manager, The Philbrick-James Forum, Deerfield, NH : 2013-2014

Responsible for lead sourcing, creation, design, and invoicing for non-profit 501© online and print newspaper advertisements. Manages and collects listings for regional business directory. Edits and posts public notices, notice to bid, and planning board notices.

Senior Teller, Citizens Financial Group, Derry, NH : 2010-2017

Coordinates and oversees workflow of teller staff. Ensures staff compliance with bank policies and procedures while reviewing compliance in books and previously filed items. Orders monthly supplies for the branch. Duties include: Training of new teller staff, preparing and verifying currency shipments, opening and closing, identifying and correcting teller discrepancies, supervises proof items and recap.

Additional Projects

Community Projects & Outreach Shows

2019 “Nebulaic” Utility Box Painting, Manchester, NH
2015 “AstroPyramidic” mural for Dover Rotary Skatepark beautification project by Wrong Brain, Dover, NH
2011 “Le Chat L’Space” mural for Cat Alley beautification project, Manchester, NH
2011 “Unknown Artists” show, Derry, NH
2010 “Musique” mural for Adam D. Curtis Skate Park beautification project, Manchester, NH
2010 2 Sided paint panel for Eagle Eyes; scheduled to rotate through local businesses for 2 years: Manchester/Hooksett, NH
2010 “Art on the Sidewalk” show, Derry, NH


2019 “Origami Sheep” Successfully funded KickStarter Lapel Pin Campaign
2017 “Professional Pumpkins Person” All-over Costume T-Shirt for Design by Humans
2016 “The Black Hole Triptych” Artist Series Limited Edition Decks for Devil Street Decks, NYC
2016 “Artist Series Calendar: Nature” 2017 Calendar, Curator and Art
2015 “Artist Series Calendar: Tales” 2016 Calendar, Curator and Art
2014 “Bones” Artist Series Limited Edition 3 deck design for Devil Street Decks, NYC
2011 CASA Holiday Greeting Card Project, “Gingerbread Cookies”
2013 Cover Image, Alex Svartsman, “A Better Tomorrow

Noteable Exhibitions

Solo & Group Exhibitions

2021 “Alumni Art Exhibition”, NEC, Manchester, NH
2021Reimagine 2021“, Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown, MA
2021 “Mo(ve)ment”, Urban Arts Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT
2019Phantasmagoria II“, Warm Soda, Alton, IL
2019 “The Art of Planetary Science 2019“, Tucson, AZ
2019 “Do You Know…“, Kimball Jenkins School of Art, Concord, NH
2019 “Birds“, 100 Market Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2018 “New England Art Reach Summer-Winter 2018“, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Medford, MA
2018 “Summer Exhibition”, Regency Gallery and Framing, Gloucestershire, England, UK
2018 “You Are Here“, Mosesian Center for the Arts, Watertown, MA
2017 “Nasty Women Boston“, Laconia Gallery, Boston, MA
2017 “SQUARE“, The Lyceum Gallery, Manchester, NH
2017 “Love, Lust. & Desire IX“, McGowan Fine Art Gallery, Concord, NH
2016 “Born to Fly“, Aviation Museum of New Hampshire, Londonderry, NH
2015 New England Art Reach Program, Summer 2015, St. Joseph Hospital, Nashua, NH
2012 “Overview”, NHIA Permanent Collection, Manchester, NH
2012 “Sk8 & CrE8 with Pour It Now!”, Hope and Union, Charleston, SC
2012 “Kickflip”, Rendition Gallery, Fort Collins, CO
2011 “Back to School Skate Jam and Original Deck Art Show”, Granite Skate, Nashua, NH
2011 “Hand and Mouse”, With Sam Paolini & Daniel Beauvais, The Wine Studio, Manchester, NH
2010 “Emerging Artists, 30 Under 30”, Exeter Town Hall, Exeter, NH
2009 “The Figure Illuminated”, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH

Noteable Publications & Bibliography


2021 Written & Illustrated “A Day in the Life of a Duck Named Fluff
2021 Infected by Art Vol IX, “The Wicked Woods
2020 Driftwood Press, Issue 7.2, “The Wicked Woods
2019 The Novice Writer Issue 1: Fear “In Your Sleep”
2018 The Moon Zine #33 “Hypnopompic Hallucination”
2017 Artist Interview with Les Femmes Folles Women in Art
2016 “Border Crossings” Art Feature, Section 8 Magazine
2012 Creative Quarterly 28 Runner Up, “Porthole”,
2010 December 2-8: The Hippo Press, “Local Color: In defense of digital”

Technical Skills

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, BBEdit, iLife, iWork
Design: Page Layout, Mockup, Image Resolution, Image Formats, Logo and Stationary, Digital Typesetting, Proofreading, Typography, Digital & Traditional Inking, Livetracing, Paper Bleed, Process Colors (CMYK), Screen Colors (RGB), Web Colors, Color Separations
Content Management: FTP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PERL, PHP
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIN, Yelp, Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, Ello, SnapChat

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