Marked for Life

Corpses and vampires, hunters and freaks. This is the world hidden inside the human world.

Her name is Brooke Chandlier. His name is Azra Engel. She’s a deconstruction worker for the Corpse girls, a rogue band of terroristic lab specimen failures bent on disrupting human life. He’s a vampire walking the line between one world and the next, desperately doing anything to pass for human. Neither of them fit in the world chosen for them. Labeled a liability, she’s a dangerously unstable schizophrenic. Labeled a monster, he’s seen as uncontrollable, unpredictable, and volatile. An outcast amongst her own gang, the lowest of the low, she fights to stay alive… On the streets of the human world, in the car of an unruly gang master’s favorite, at the overcrowded Corpse compound amongst dozens of bloodthirsty Corpse girls. Burdened with severe anxiety brought on by the ghosts of trauma from days past, Azra accepts his life in hiding — and crippling drug addiction — as the way of things. When he does a favor for someone close to him and saves Brooke from an untimely death, things begin to become unraveled. His life, his secrets, his past, his ghosts. Suddenly the two of them are confronted with the true way of things. Hunters killing freaks, parting them out, selling them. Together they decide to put an end to it.

A brand new adventure by co-authors Aimee Cozza and Tory Keith.

Marked for Life Book Cover Mockups, 2015, 2016
Marked for Life Book Cover Mockups, 2015, 2016

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