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What is Glaze and how can it help protect against AI scraping?

April 25, 2023

The world has changed very quickly since I posted about “AI art” in November of 2022. It was new, and just hit the scene, and everyone was curious about what it was and what it could be used for. By now, you’ve probably been beaten over the head with how unethical “AI art” is (I put it in quotes because it is not actual artificial intelligence, and others argue that it isn’t even art, but from here on out I’ll be calling it the common vernacular), how it steals from living artists, and how it cannot produce anything without a data set (mostly stolen) to begin with. If you don’t know about these things, here’s a great video to catch you up to speed:

Still, I’m not here to beat you over the head about AI art. Instead, if you follow me on Mastodon, you know that I like to test out new technologies and give a “trip report” about them. One of the latest things I tried out is Glaze — a pixel manipulation algorithm that acts like a protective varnish (“glaze”) over your artworks.

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“Role” In Progress, Pinkest Pink Review

March 12, 2020

Sometime, last year, or the year before that, I bought some of Stuart Semple’s Pinkest Pink. I recall I purchased some Potion, and well, the pink was on sale. I also picked up some Diamond Dust at the time. Like most artists, I just buy things on a whim without any thoughts over what I’m going to use them for. I don’t draw with pink. I certainly don’t even do any physical painting either, it’s mostly all digital. What the heck would I use this for?

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Black 2.0 Review

August 1, 2017

This has actually been in the works for some time now. If my digital mock up means anything, this work has been getting pecked at since April! It all started with some black paint…

Stuart Semple has this paint available called “Black 2.0” which is billed as the Blackest Black available. There’s a whole story behind why Stuart Semple made this black, which involves a lot of funny things and a fued between him and artist Anish Kapoor about Vantablack. I saw a sample of it online and just had to have some. No idea what I was going to do with it, what would make the most sense to try it out on or what would look most successful in it, but I doodled something up. I wanted to work on a longer canvas, and I wanted to give a sort of brightness and darkness to it. I knew I wanted to use contrasting blackest black and the whitest white I could get (heavy body titanium white, nothing special). So I ordered. And I waited for the Blackest Black to come in from the UK.

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Monoprice Tablet Review & Brooke Portrait In Progress Shots, 2016

March 23, 2016

Often times I see a lot of illustrators (and a lot of friends!) who use such wonderful graphic tablet devices such as a Cintiq. I’ve always envied these but never really thought it was worth spending the money on one. When I started out in digital illustration, I worked strictly with a mouse. Once my skill grew a bit, I started out with an old, used Wacom Graphire 3 that I bought off of someone for $40 on the internet. It worked out great, but I decided to “upgrade” to something a little newer (the drivers didn’t work anymore), so I bought a Wacom Bamboo.
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