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An archive of gallery posts from Aimee Cozza Illustration.

360 Degrees with Panoramics and Google Daydream VR

February 6, 2018

Recently, on a whim, and because I don’t buy very many toys for myself, I bought a Google Daydream VR headset. Plex recently started supporting VR, and a couple of my friends had headsets, and the idea of pretty much watching movies and TV with them in VR sounded so cool, I had to give it a try. I chose Google Daydream VR because of the reviews on comfort (It is very comfortable), and started playing around with a lot of the things in it.

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Pride 2017

June 5, 2017

Those of you who follow me or know me personally know I’m a LGBT+ ally. How could I not be with my bisexual vampire OC Azra and his gay brutish boyfriend Falco? I wanted to participate in DeviantART’s Pride flag project this year, which means you select a color and then draw based on that color and theme. What do you know? I chose green, which was nature, which is actually where those beastie OCs are from!
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It’s Only, 2017, In Progress Pics

May 16, 2017

I’ve been meaning to make a new time lapse video of me working on a new digital illustration, but honestly, it keeps slipping my mind by the time I get to actually sitting down and working on the work.

This one… Hmm, I didn’t really go into it thinking about much. I was thinking about pain, how I don’t really draw my character Azra showing pain (he doesn’t; he’s one of those people that kind of swallows it down) in any sort of physical sense. I did toss around some ideas with some vague sketches based off of some poses I was managing with my anatomy doll, but they were ultimately not very dynamic.
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Squadmates, 2017, In Progress Pics

May 2, 2017

I’ve been traveling down the ol’ history hole lately with these drawings of characters in various World War II attire. It’s no secret that both original characters Azra and Falco spent time serving in the military during World War II, and in fact, Azra had been wounded during battle which then started his downward spiral with drug addiction. Ah, the lives of our characters and their backstories.

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