A World Aflame (2020)

An alternating blue and red tree. The blue tree has lush greenery and starry beautiful skies, while the red tree has smoke-formed skulls, an exposed ribcage in the tree, and burning cinders/embers.

This double-exposure digital painting was created to benefit the wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires from 2019-2020. This painting shows two different images when viewed through a cyan and red lens. Prints are now on sale for $35 shipped in the USA. You will receive one matted 11×14 print with black mat in a bag, ready for framing. The first 12 orders will receive cyan/red 3D glasses for viewing. Profits from this print sale will benefit WIRES.

To purchase a print of this work, please contact me directly using the contact form on this page. Print orders will be accepted until February 14th, 2020.

Exclusive Print Order Form

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