Wing and Nebula Timelapse Videos

March 19, 2018

I noticed the other day that it had been a little bit of time since I had updated my YouTube channel with any new videos. It’s not like I have an expansive YouTube channel or a ton of videos, but I do like to make a video from time to time, usually timelapse recordings, so I can show my process to those who might be interested in seeing it or learning about it (or even learning from it; I personally like to watch other artist’s timelapse videos as well).

To remedy this, you can probably imagine what I did.

Went on a little bit of a timelapse kick!

A friend, while we were having a live art drawing session, had mentioned that she wanted to figure out how I drew wings. In my drawing I had sketched out the wings but had yet to render them, so I figured, hey, why not film myself painting them and do a timelapse video? So I did just that. I really only rendered one wing in this video, because the other one will probably be cut off when I crop the picture, but the one wing I did make took about four hours, give or take. The timelapse is an 80x timelapse so it’s easier to digest.

The second one I did was for a commission I’m working on. They wanted a space background with specific colors, so I sampled the colors and blocked in the flow of a nebula. I then filmed a timelapse of me fleshing out the nebula, roughly taking just under two hours. Both of these videos aren’t complete start-to-finish timelapses like I sometimes (usually) do, but they’re fun glimpses into how I do my digital painting.


Aimee Cozza is a freelance illustrator out of Southern New Hampshire. She graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in illustration. Since then, she has been working in a variety of ways completing various illustrations for clients, friends, and for herself.

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