2015 Artist Series Calendar: Deep Sea

April 3, 2015

2015 Deep Sea CalendarThe 2015 Artist Series calendar is available! 12 artists, some returning, have created some great DEEP SEA themed artwork for 2015! Patrick Termini, Lisa Higashiuetoko, Hayley Sherriff, Devyn Overton, Isabella Mella, Leah Moore, Pete Trubble Morse, Aimee Cozza, Kayla Hulet, Tara Krehbiel, Jack Fall, and Sam Harrington all got together to make this beautiful calendar for 2015. Only $9.99!

New Video: Timelapse “Untitled”

February 25, 2015

Here’s an interesting timelapse video. More often than not, I sketch out my works before heading into photoshop to work on them. I’ll sketch them in a sketchbook or on a scrap piece of paper, then scan them in, then modify, work under, or work over the sketch. In this video, I actually made the sketch and composition digitally. You can see my thought process as I start to narrow down my sketch and crop it into just a portrait.
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