Enamel Pins, WIPs & More – April 2019

April 5, 2019

It’s been a fairly productive March! I wanted to detail some fun things that have been going on and some things still coming up!

KickStarter Success – Enamel Pins

My KickStarter for 100 Origami Sheep Enamel Pins was successfully funded at the beginning of March, and the pins came in! They look amazing, too! I am so happy all of my friends, family, and supporters could help me make these enamel pins. I’ve always wanted to make an enamel pin, so this is a dream come true! I am almost through with shipping them all out to the backers. Any remaining pins are listed up on Etsy, so if you missed out, you’ll still probably be able to snag a pin or two.

The Novice Writer Issue 1: Fear Art Inclusion

I’m excited to announce that my work In Your Sleep is included in The Novice Writer Issue 1: Fear! You can grab it right on Amazon.com using this link. Digital copies will be available for purchase soon as well.

A New Medium: Stained Glass

Recently I have been taking a class on stained glass and definitely can understand the draw of this particular medium! I have given some heavy thought into branching out into this medium and converting some of my illustrations into stained glass murals. Keep an eye out. 😉


WIPs on WIPs on WIPs

I’ve started a new method of organizing my digital files where I actually have a dedicated folder for my WIPs. In doing so I noticed… I’ve started tons of WIPs and haven’t finished any… And I just keep doing it! Anyway, I’m hoping to work down the pile a bit. Here’s a peek at one courtesy of my Instagram:


This work, along with some revamps of some old traditional paintings, are among many WIPs I am working on and hoping to finish in April. Remember you can always subscribe to new artworks easily so you don’t miss anything. Here’s to hoping for a great April!

Aimee Cozza is a freelance illustrator out of Southern New Hampshire. She graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in illustration. Since then, she has been working in a variety of ways completing various illustrations for clients, friends, and for herself.

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