Neon, 2018, In Progress Pics

January 15, 2018

Happy New Year! I mean, I guess I already said that and all, and I was really hoping to get an illustrative work done before a design one, but I ended up with the Sparx Corp logo being my first finished project of 2018. It was a long time coming on that project, so it wasn’t like it was disappointing or anything, but still. I like starting my year off with drawings, don’t you?

Anyway, any of you who follow me might notice that every year I draw a portrait of Azra as my first thing. This is two fold: 1. his birthday is January 1st, so why not a portrait of the birthday boy? And 2. I want to have some gauge as to how well I did the entire year understanding things and see what I need to work on and where I’m at. I also want to try to push myself for certain elements of realism.

Check out some of my past birthday boy pics as they’re outlined in this post:

Mugshot, 2017, In Progress Gif

This year I went with something… slightly different. I saw this particular photo of Sergei Polunin and another one of Wes Bentley and I loved this idea of… forced makeup I guess? Azra’s a bit of a pretty boy to begin with so having makeup on him isn’t going to hurt him any.

So, yup, I’ve wanted to draw Azra like this for a bit. I decided to go with a greyscale theme and then use selective color for the lipstick and eye makeup. Initially, I was going to add in color but thought I liked it better in black and white… Until I got to the end and put on some crazy colors and ended up liking them!

Neon Work in Progress

Neon, 2018
Neon, 2018

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