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Corpses (A Fear Of), 2016, Animation & Character Cards

July 4, 2016

Anyone who follows me on my blog on Tumblr knows for some reason I’ve been really getting into some small looping animations, whether it’s the blinking of an eye as seen in my Worlds series, or the shifting of smoke, or even the drift of snow, as seen below.

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Worlds, 2016 Animations

June 8, 2016


As you know, I’ve been working on my series “Worlds”. While I am excited to show off these works, I’m wary to upload them without them being a set! However, I do want to share with my blog readers the animations I’ve been working on for these works. I’m still working on this set — there are plenty of ideas of mine and lots still needed to be done, but here are some fun, somewhat unsettling, somewhat creepy animations of the most recently completed illustrations for my series.
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The Hunter, 2015, Process Gif

January 25, 2016

Here’s an interesting one for you. This is more of a practice piece than anything, not really anything portfolio worthy. I started this piece just doodling on my tablet last year and liked how my gestural drawing came out, so I just tried to extrapolate from there. I liked the angle of it and the story behind it, so I worked it a little bit until I liked it — as a practice piece, anyway.
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Our Names in Lights, 2015, Process Gif

January 18, 2016

Remember what I was saying about the process gifs? Sometimes at the end of a project I end up with a bunch of screenshots of the piece as it is in progress. It’s neat to flip back and forth like a flipbook and see what changed and what didn’t. I love seeing other artists and their process, so I’m going to keep making these and posting them.
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