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Robot Partner: Detroit: Become Human Fanart, 2018

June 25, 2018

You know me. I freaking love sci-fi. Most especially when it comes to androids. I love sci-fi games and sci-fi movies and sci-fi books. So of course I was stoked for Detroit: Become Human. Detroit: Become Human was actually based on a short created by Quantic Dream to showcase the real-time processing power of the PlayStation 3 (at the time). If you haven’t seen it, you can view it below.

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Kipple City, 2017, In Progress Pics

February 21, 2017

As many of you may know, I am a considerable sci-fi nerd. Whether it’s a sci-fi movie, sci-fi theme, or sci-fi book, I love it and I’m into it. I like sci-fi concepts a lot, and in doing that I tend to draw a lot of things that are either fantasy or sci-fi (understanding that there is some overlap). Other than my sci-fi-esque series Worlds last year and my android Pin0cchio I created for the 2015 Artist Series Calendar, I feel like I haven’t done a lot in the way of definitive sci-fi illustrations.
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Worlds, 2016 Animations

June 8, 2016


As you know, I’ve been working on my series “Worlds”. While I am excited to show off these works, I’m wary to upload them without them being a set! However, I do want to share with my blog readers the animations I’ve been working on for these works. I’m still working on this set — there are plenty of ideas of mine and lots still needed to be done, but here are some fun, somewhat unsettling, somewhat creepy animations of the most recently completed illustrations for my series.
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