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Brothers in Arms, 2017, In Progress Pics

April 7, 2017

It’s no secret that these two vampires (Falco and Azra) of mine were in the military — in more than one way. They both grew up in a militarized environment and joined up with the Durandalite military. Later one, far further down the line, they separately joined their respective armies to help fight during World War II. Since they’re both fluent in German, they were helpful in translating, amongst other things.

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Photograph, 2017, In Progress Pics

March 4, 2017

Story time I suppose for the words portion of this in progress shots post. I’ve written about my original character Azra before (and he appears in many of my works, as you probably already know as a reader of my blog posts), and one of his partners Falco. Long story short, he is vehemently against having his photo taken. For various logical reasons, such as his inability to age due to being a vampire, which would give him away on any out dated license or otherwise, he absolutely will not pose for a photo or take one. The only tangible photo that anyone knows of is his mugshot, which he uses for his ID, passport photo, etc etc (these documents are all forged anyway). So having a photo of Azra is a real treat. Falco knows this (despite having some of those reasons as well, he is not so staunchly against being recorded), and here and there he’ll sneak photos with his phone — when Azra’s asleep, when his back is turned, that kind of thing. He’ll usually delete it later, lest Azra find it and get upset with him, but there’s one photo he just likes too much that he can’t bring himself to delete.
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Corpses (A Fear Of), 2016, Animation & Character Cards

July 4, 2016

Anyone who follows me on my blog on Tumblr knows for some reason I’ve been really getting into some small looping animations, whether it’s the blinking of an eye as seen in my Worlds series, or the shifting of smoke, or even the drift of snow, as seen below.

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Ungezähmt, 2016, In Progress Shots

March 23, 2016

Often times I think of characters of mine who so happen to fall into the category of “vampire” as more of wild beasts. They’re more like animals than anything; they act more as nocturnal carnivores rather than insatiable blood lusting beings. This may lend a lot to the idea that these characters dislike being called “vampire” or lumped in as such. They find the word says more about Dracula than it does about them.
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